Is 2016 the Year of the ‘Glow Up’?

The Glow Up.png.jpg

Glow Up  \’glō ˈəp\ : to go from the bottom to the top, to the point of disbelief.  An incredible transformation. (source)

I’m not a fan of resolutions but I believe that 2016 is my time to ‘Glow Up’.  I have quite a few major events planned for this year (which I’ll clue you in on as the year progresses) and I’m ready for my transformation to begin!

Here is how I plan on Glowing Up throughout 2016:

  1. Get my Hair in Order – Over the last two months, I completely fell off track with maintaining a healthy hair regimen.  Heat became an unforgiving friend and I ended up with heat damage in the front of my hair (hangs my head in shame).  Although I am upset about the damage, I admit that I played with fire and got burned, deservedly so.  I plan on remedying my tragic hair situation by doing a mini-chop (i.e. cutting off about 3 to 4 inches of hair) and putting my maximizing hair growth plan into action.
  2. Get a Snatched Body –  I am proud to say that, over the past year, I’ve maintained a generally healthy diet and exercise lifestyle, but in the year of the ‘Glow Up’, a lady must take it a step further.  First-things-first, I’m cutting out processed foods.  I started the Whole30 Monthly Challenge yesterday, which entails cutting processed foods out of my diet.  I also plan on participating in a weight training program.
  3. Get Glowing Skin – All I want for  2016 is clear,  even, and glowing skin!  As a teenager, I struggled with acute acne.  Even though my acne is not as severe as it used to be,  I still get minor breakouts regularly and please don’t even get me started about the hyperpigmentation I have from my previous acne scars!  I’m going to reach my glowy goal by drinking at least 2 liters of water every day  (btw,  I hate the taste of water), purchasing a Derma Skin Roller and using it on at least a weekly basis, having a consistent skin care regimen (stay tuned for this post) and getting a facial every month. 

Ladies,  the glow up is real and I’ll can’t wait share my journey with you all!


Tell us how you plan on making 2016 the Year of the ‘Glow Up’!

How I Maximized My Hair Growth

Hairfinity didn’t do it.  Inversion didn’t do it. Manetabolism definitely didn’t do it.  The only way I maximized my hair growth in one year was with a committed hair regimen and protective styling.

Look, the truth is that creating and maintaining a consistent hair care regimen can be…inconvenient.  There was a time in my life when I lived and breathed for my natural hair, but after finishing school, getting a job, and facing Lagos traffic each morning, my regimen went out the window.  Right now, after a trim in July, my hair length is stuck just above bra-strap length and I’m over it!

So, I started thinking back to the year I had the most hair growth (roughly 7 inches in a year), my final year of law school in the U.S., and I realized my regimen was incredibly easy!


(my hair just below bra-strap length circa Fall 2012)

My regimen consisted on the following:

  1. Cornrowing my hair and slapping on a wig daily– basically, I didn’t manipulate my hair on a daily basis.  This meant no breakage or daily wear and tear;
  2. Moisturizing my hair each morning and night – since my hair was cornrowed, I simply used the LOC method, which took less than five minutes on cornrowed hair;
  3. Washing and deep conditioning my hair weekly – I let my inner product junkie loose by trying out new conditioners every few weeks; and
  4. Detangling my hair monthly – I believe this was the pivotal step in my regimen.  Between my weekly cornrow washes and monthly detangling sessions, my hair had very few opportunities to tangle, which, in turn, led to less breakage/more hair retention!

Now, that I’ve shared my previous regimen, I plan on revisiting it in the near future (i.e. after my birthday and the holiday season).