Didi’s Birthday Wishlist

With only one week until the greatest day of the year…my birthday…I just happened to come up with the following list of items I’ve been hoping to be blessed with on my special day:


Cantu Argan Oil Leave In Conditioning Hair Repair Cream

At this point in my natural journey, I don’t really experiment with products but I really want to try out this leave in.  Cantu’s Shea Butter Leave In has been a staple in my hair regimen for years and I can’t imagine the Argan Oil Leave In would fail me either!

Pure Indigo Powder

As many of you know, I’m obsessed with Henna powder but what I’m not obsessed with is the reddish tint it leaves on my hair.  I know that many people who henna their hair, but want it to remain dark brown or black, often follow up the henna treatment with Indigo.

iPhone 6s

My phone was stolen at a club through a series of unfortunate events.  I bought a cheap replacement “smart” phone that constantly overheats and can’t handle any apps.

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

My previous tripod fell apart after I got off of a flight from Uyo.  I had a family function and brought my DSLR and tripod so record the event.  Even though I packed my tripod carefully in my carry-on, the handle my tripod broke and I was unable to repair it.  This has been really inconvenient, because it makes it more difficult for me to shoot Youtube videos.

DSLR Ring Light

A ring light is a great tool to enhance the picture quality of my YouTube videos!

Nike Tech Running Tights; and

Nike Free TR 5

I can honestly say that over the past year I have consistently worked out and maintained a reasonably healthy diet.  I’d really love to get the Nike Leggings and Free TR 5 as reward for staying on track all year!

Product Image

Narciso Rodriquez ‘For Her – Musc Intense’ (eau de parfum)

This is my all-time FAVORITE fragrance!! It’s rich musky aroma that lingers on my skin all day long!  Although, it’s a bit on the pricey side, a little goes a very long way and it well worth the price.

Closed toe - BRIAN ATWOOD

Oxblood/Maroon Brian Atwood Closed Toe Pumps

Oxblood is one of my favourite colours and I’ve been lusting after these pumps for a while…

Mind Your Own Business!


Why oh why can’t some people mind their own business? !

A friend and colleague of mine big chopped over the weekend.  We usually carpool together, so I had the opportunity to see her before everyone else at work and she looked amazing.  I’ve always thought that short cuts look great on her, so when she decided to take the plunge and big chop, I was completely behind her decision.  Unfortunately, not everyone at work felt the same way I did.  As soon as she got into the office she  was pummeled with comments/questions like, “why did you cut your hair??” and “you looked so much better with longer hair!” and “now it will be almost impossible to catch a man with hair that short!”  After overhearing the barrage of rude and unnecessary comments, I retorted to one person, “why do you care so much?!”

I don’t understand why people, especially some women, particularly some women in Nigeria,  put so much weight on how another woman chooses to style her hair.  Rather than celebrate a friend/co-worker for deciding to switch up her hairstyle, most women she encountered felt the need to take it upon themselves to try to make her feel guilty for deciding to cut off her hair.  They even went so far as to assert that men would not find her attractive because she chopped off her relaxed hair!  In my own opinion, if your hair is the determinant factor between being in a relationship with a man or not, he probably isn’t the man for you.

I decided to write about this because episode because I’m tired of having/overhearing these conversations!  If a woman decides to stop relaxing her hair, chop off her hair, dye her hair, relax her hair, etc., why oh why do you care??!  Does her hair pay your bills?  Does her hair add or detract from your life?  No, it clearly doesn’t.

As the old adage goes, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  Mind your own business (“MYOB”)!

Afrocurlitans, have you ever been in this situation?  If so, share your story below!

Also, check out my friend’s post about her experience!


I used to look back at the old pictures of my mother and aunts with their, then natural hair, threaded and make jokes about the “village girl look”. Now guess who has egg on her face?  HA!

For those of us who want to stretch our curls without applying heat, threading is a God send. Threading is a very simple process.

Materials Needed: a roll of strong thread (like the ones used for weaves). In Ghana, I found a plastic alternative at Makola market which I loooveee.

Method: After washing your hair, moisturise and oil it well. Then section your hair so you can get about 8 to 12 sections (depending on the thickness of your hair). I prefer to have small sections because I get a better stretch and the hair dries faster. Then, hold a section in your fist, place the thread at the roots of your hair and start wrapping the thread tightly but NOT painfully around your hair. Repeat this process until your whole head is threaded. Allow it to dry completely before unraveling the thread. If the hair does not dry completely, you will not get the full effect of the stretch.

Pros: heatless, heatless and heatless; retains more moisture; hair is detangled and easy to comb through; less breakage because there is no heat to reduce the protein in your hair; no heat damage; and if you live in a country with power issues, well you don’t need power for this :p
Cons: may require you to wear a scarf all day; takes a while to dry; and if you don’t moisturize well or use good thread it could bond to your hair and cause breakage.

Here is a helpful video by Pure Estrogen: 

Product Review | Namaste Organics Aloe Water Hair Growth Elixir


Last Saturday I attended Naturals in the City 12, a natural hair meetup hosted by Natural Nigerian. One of the best parts about attending this event was discovering new products that were manufactured and produced by Nigerian entrepreneurs.  I’m always on the prowl for new leave-in sprays because my hair can’t get enough of water-based products, so I was extremely delighted when I discovered Namaste Organics’ Aloe Water Hair Growth Elixir.

What they say:

“The Aloe Water Hair Growth Elixir purifies, oxygenates, fortifies, softens and detangles your hair no matter how tough or unmanageable your hair may seem. It exfoliates, freshens the scalp and cleans away impurities and build up from the hair and scalp.”

What I say:

This leave-in is simply amazing!  As a natural who subscribes to the LOC (Liquid, Oil, Cream) school of thought, the Aloe Water Hair Growth Elixir fits in smoothly to my daily moisturizing system. With just a few pumps of this Elixir, my hair becomes instantly soft and feels incredibly nourished. My scalp definitely feels more refreshed. It also doesn’t hurt that it smells amazing!! As far as promoting growth, I don’t think this product is a quick fix to waist-length hair, but I do believe that with a combination of time, a consistent hair regimen (which includes using the Elixir daily), and a healthy diet this product will contribute to promoting hair growth.  That being said, I would encourage you to purchase this product!

Please Note: This product was purchased by Didi.

Blog Love: Lady Iconic


As Afrocurlitans, we relish the opportunity to lift up our fellow blog friends and we have decided to put a spotlight on Lady Iconic.

Lady Iconic is a wonderful blog that seeks to provide inspiration and encouragement. She does this by providing quotes, sharing awesome African and Western recipes with a healthy twists, and encouraging her readers to make the most out of their lives through inspirational interviews with enterprising entrepreneurs.